This short video looks at the different options available for connecting an LCD character display to an Arduino. It uses a wide set of displays: The nuelectronics display shield, 20×4, 20×2,16×2 and 8×2 display modules. It shows the code that you need to create an example display and describes the use of the POT in the display. The modules used are the nuelectronics display shield, JHD 204, WH1602, CM200200 and a YJ 802A.

Please note that the nuelectronics display is a non-standard display and this is why I am including an external library – it is no harm that you see how this works, so that you could do something similar if there was a different option available. The remainder of the code should work perfectly with any standard displays, whether they are on a shield or not.

The Video:

[youtube id=”JDoTn1sLxWQ” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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