I have just posted on how to configure your network to use a static IP address at this post: Set the IP address statically on the Beaglebone Black. One issue that is related is the case where you now wish to use a proxy with your device. This is common within universities and other organisations and the limits on what you can do are determined by your network administrator.

Anyway, to get you started, you need to use connman to change your proxy settings. As in the previous post, within the /usr/lib/connman/test directory there are a set of scripts to help you with this task. The one you are looking for is set-proxy

However to use it you first need to know your service name, so within /usr/lib/connman/test type ./get-services and you will get something like:

My service name is ethernet_c8a030ab323a_cable, which is of course easy to remember. So we use this with the set_proxy script. Executing this we get the full usage:

There you have an example of the general manual usage, which will probably suit most people. You obviously need to know your proxy settings to do this.

In my case, within Dublin City University it is of the form:

So, when I execute the ./get-services script again I get:

Where you can see that the Proxy.Configuraton has been set.

Once this is set, we can call ./get-proxy-autoconfig, which gives:

Just to check that my proxy is working:

All appears to be in working order.