I recently purchased the Digilent Analog Discovery and this is my first post on the tools that are available. I wrote this as a set of blog posts, but I have now replaced this with a full video on my YouTube channel

In this video I investigate the use of the Digilent Analog Discovery with Waveforms and look how it can be used for the analysis of analog and digital circuits. The Analog Discovery is a USB oscilloscope, waveform generator, digital pattern generator and logic analyzer. It is priced at $99 for US students and generally for $219. l demonstrate three different applications of the Discovery:
– Analog analysis of a rectifier diode.
– Using the digital pattern generator and logic analyzer to investigate the behavior of a JK flip-flop.
– Using the logic analyzer and its I2C interpreter to connect to the BeagleBone I2C bus and analyse how it behaves when we use the Linux i2c tools.