In this section I will discuss various tools that I use for electronics and in my videos.

Custom Cables & Guide to Crimping PCB Interconnect Cables

This is a very quick video guide to working with custom PCB connectors. I recently had to make a custom connector for my Raspberry PI, which has a bank of male headers. I looked at a few different options and in the end I decided I would invest in a crimp tool to create my own custom cables. While the experiences are still fresh in my mind I decided I would make this video in case that it will be of benefit as an introductory guide to others who are trying to do the same sort of thing. The video will discuss regular ribbon cables, fixed length pre-crimped cables, and custom crimped cables. I will also give a guide to how to crimp 0.1″ male and female PCB interconnect cables and describe what a proper crimp connector should look like.

[youtube id=”GkbOJSvhCgU” width=”600″ height=”350″]


The Digilent Analog Discovery – USB Scope, Logic Analyzer, Waveform Generator etc.

In this video I investigate the use of the Digilent Analog Discovery with Waveforms and look how it can be used for the analysis of analog and digital circuits. The Analog Discovery is a USB oscilloscope, waveform generator, digital pattern generator and logic analyzer. It is priced at $99 for US students and generally for $219. l demonstrate three different applications of the Discovery:
– Analog analysis of a rectifier diode.
– Using the digital pattern generator and logic analyzer to investigate the behavior of a JK flip-flop.
– Using the logic analyzer and its I2C interpreter to connect to the BeagleBone I2C bus and analyse how it behaves when we use the Linux i2c tools.

[youtube id=”YDugfMegHuE” width=”600″ height=”350″]