Below is a short video on getting started with the Beaglebone Black (BBB) using only the USB network adapter. This is a very useful feature of the BBB, as within a typical university network student laptops/tablets/phones have access via WiFi and to get started with a networked embedded system you typically need a wired network connection. Often for security reasons there are restrictions on IP traffic between networks, making getting started over Ethernet very difficult. The alternative is cross-over cables but this can make Internet access difficult. This video looks at how you can set up the BBB to use the USB network adapter under Windows making initial configuration very straightforward and resulting in the BBB having full internet connectivity.

[youtube id=”fzRVVtGNfj8″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

The scripts mentioned in this video and source code examples are listed below:


 The git configuration:

And the source code:

 With the build configuration: