Custom Video Streaming Player using LibVLC and Qt

In my last two blog entries I have discussed how you can stream video from embedded Linux devices such as the Beaglebone using FFMPEG/AVCONV, the V4L2 Capture program and the Logitech C920 USB Camera (with hardware MPEG4/H264). In these setups I am using the regular VLC player to receive and display the video streams (RTP, UDP unicast and UDP multicast). […]

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UDP Unicast and Multicast Streaming Video using the Beaglebone Black

In a previous post, I described how you could set up the Beaglebone Black to capture video and process video using OpenCV with the Logitech C920 camera. In this post I am going to look at how you can begin streaming data using the camera and code that I had adapted previously. The previous post is hereĀ and the final instructional […]

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