Beaglebone: Controlling the on-board LEDs using Java

I have posted on how to do this exact thing using C++, so the first half is cut-and-pasted from Beaglebone: Controlling the on-board LEDs using C++
One of the first things you would like to do when you connect to the Beaglebone Black is see that you are having an impact on the hardware. In this short post I am going […]

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Driving LED Arrays

I have started to investigate how I can drive a large bank of LEDs directly from my Beaglebone or Raspberry PI. I have developed a video before:

where I drove a 2 colour 8×8 LED common anode dot matrix display using three 74HC595s and a transistor array UDN2981A to source the current. This used the Arduino as the platform to drive […]

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