Beaglebone: Controlling the on-board LEDs using Java

I have posted on how to do this exact thing using C++, so the first half is cut-and-pasted from Beaglebone: Controlling the on-board LEDs using C++
One of the first things you would like to do when you connect to the Beaglebone Black is see that you are having an impact on the hardware. In this short post I am going […]

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Running Java Applications on the Beaglebone Black

Before you start:
First check if the distribution has changed to have a package installation of open java – Perform:

And see the output after you search for java

There are libraries and javascript tools, but no core java distribution. Unfortunately, this means a manual install!
Here are the steps for installing the JRE:
Step 1.¬†Download the Embedded JRE to your desktop PC: ¬†Go to […]

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Eclipse (Kepler) for C++ and Java Development

Just a quick video guide to setting up Eclipse for both C++ and Java development under Windows. This is useful for one of the modules that I teach at DCU in Object-oriented Programming. It uses MinGW and CDT to allow GNU c++ to work and the Java SDK for Java.



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