Git and Curl SSL Certificates Configuration on Beaglebone Black

I have noticed that on the Beaglbone Black that I am constantly having problems with git and curl when it comes to https sites. This post addresses the configuration problems and shows you different ways to solve the problem that may suit your particular needs.
Fixing the SSL problems with Git
Out of the box, if you try to commit to a […]

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Building git from source for the Beaglebone Black

I use for all of my source code source version control. I noticed that in the past few days git push had stopped working for me on the Beaglebone Black (BBB) for one of my repositories. I decided to build git from source to see if it was a version issue. The version of git on the BBB is version 1.7.7 […]

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Building Ångström for Beaglebone from Source

The Ångström distribution is a Linux distribution for many embedded devices, the Beaglebone included. Here I am going to document the steps that I took in order to build a full distribution of Angstrom (easier to write without the unusual letters). I am working from the steps described at this site: but here I will document any difficulties and the times […]

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