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Introduction to CMake by Example

This article provides a straightforward set of “Hello World!” introductions to using CMake for building C++ projects. All steps are performed using Linux on the BeagleBone platform, but the instructions are relevant to most Linux platforms.
The make utility and Makefiles provide a build system that can be used to manage the compilation and re-compilation of programs that are written in any programming […]

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CGI using C++ on the BeagleBone (Ggicc)

In Chapter 10 of my book (pg. 388-393), Exploring BeagleBone, I describe how you can build web-based CGI applications that can interface with electronics hardware that is attached to the BeagleBone using Bash scripts that call C/C++ programs. The solution works well for very straightforward applications, but this discussion investigates more advanced solutions for applications where there are more complex interactions — for example, […]

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