Introduction to CMake by Example

This article provides a straightforward set of “Hello World!” introductions to using CMake for building C++ projects. All steps are performed using Linux on the BeagleBone platform, but the instructions are relevant to most Linux platforms.
The make utility and Makefiles provide a build system that can be used to manage the compilation and re-compilation of programs that are written in any programming […]

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CGI using C++ on the BeagleBone (Ggicc)

In Chapter 10 of my book (pg. 388-393), Exploring BeagleBone, I describe how you can build web-based CGI applications that can interface with electronics hardware that is attached to the BeagleBone using Bash scripts that call C/C++ programs. The solution works well for very straightforward applications, but this discussion investigates more advanced solutions for applications where there are more complex interactions — for example, […]

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Beaglebone: Controlling the on-board LEDs using C++

One of the first things you would like to do when you connect to the Beaglebone Black is see that you are having an impact on the hardware. In this short post I am going to look at how you can change the behaviour of the Beaglebone on-board LEDs – the four (blue on the BBB) LEDs in the corner […]

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Eclipse (Kepler) for C++ and Java Development

Just a quick video guide to setting up Eclipse for both C++ and Java development under Windows. This is useful for one of the modules that I teach at DCU in Object-oriented Programming. It uses MinGW and CDT to allow GNU c++ to work and the Java SDK for Java.



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Custom Video Streaming Player using LibVLC and Qt

In my last two blog entries I have discussed how you can stream video from embedded Linux devices such as the Beaglebone using FFMPEG/AVCONV, the V4L2 Capture program and the Logitech C920 USB Camera (with hardware MPEG4/H264). In these setups I am using the regular VLC player to receive and display the video streams (RTP, UDP unicast and UDP multicast). […]

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