Exploring BeagleBone: LKMs (by Derek Molloy)  V1.0
This project describes how you can build loadable kernel modules (LKMs) on your BeagleBone platform
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ebbcharmutex Directory Reference
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file  ebbcharmutex.c
 An introductory character driver to support the second article of my series on Linux loadable kernel module (LKM) development. This module maps to /dev/ebbchar and comes with a helper C program that can be run in Linux user space to communicate with this the LKM. This version has mutex locks to deal with synchronization problems.
file  testebbcharmutex.c
 A Linux user space program that communicates with the ebbchar.c LKM. It passes a string to the LKM and reads the response from the LKM. For this example to work the device must be called /dev/ebbchar.